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MIDWOR-LIFE : Mitigation of Environmental Impact caused by DWOR textile finishing chemicals

A LIFE project working for a cleaner and more sustainable future

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The main objective of the MIDWOR-LIFE is to mitigate the environmental, health and safety impacts of current Durable Water and Oil Repellents (DWOR) and their alternatives by analysing their environmental impact and technical performance in order to assess manufacturers on the best available technologies to provide liquid repellency on textiles.

Policy recommendations will be set in order to promote the widespread implementation of the less toxic and most effective DWOR alternatives to fulfill REACH Regulation.

  • Evaluate the environmental impact of current DWORs and their available alternatives.
  • Evaluate the risks posed by current DWORs and their alternatives for human and environmental health.
  • Evaluate the technical performance of DWORs alternatives and compare them to current DWORs.
  • Elaborate a road map and policy recommendations.
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