Partner Description

LEITAT is a Technological Centre specialized in production technologies. LEITAT develops R&D activities in the areas of materials sciences, environment, surface treatments, biotechnologies and renewable energies with deep knowledge and experience in technological transfers to several industrial sectors.

Our role in MIDWOR-LIFE

  • Selection of textiles, DWORs and alternatives
  • Coordinate and develop the pre-screening of the environmental impact of the different durable water and oil repellents selected for study
  • Coordinate and develop demonstration of DWORs and alternative material processing
  • Support the organization of technical workshops
  • Coordinate and develop policy recommendations
  • Support the development of the webtool
  • Monitoring the project impacts on the environment and the cost-efficient replicability or transferability of the project
  • Communication and Dissemination activities
  • Networking with other projects
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