Partner Description is the Innovation Textile Cluster in Piemonte (Italy). is active since 2009, and has now 86 affiliates of which 80 industries (86% SMEs, 14% Large Enterprises), 2 Research Organisations and 4 other stakeholders.

The coordinator of is Città Studi, a private company founded 25 years ago by the local industrial association in order to increase the scientific and technological development of the Biellese industry.

Our role in MIDWOR-LIFE

  • Survey needs and requirements regarding the use of DWORs and alternatives in the Italian textile industry
  • Recruitment of companies for pilot demonstration and stakeholders for technical workshops
  • Organization of technical workshops in Italy
  • Coordinate the monitoring the socio-economic impact of the project on local economy and population
  • Communication and dissemination activities
  • Networking with other projects
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