On October 3rd, a consortium meeting of MIDWOR-LIFE project was held in Città Studi facilities in Biella, organized by the Italian partner Pointex, with the participation from all project partners.

The meeting began with the presentations of the progress and outcomes obtained for each action during the last 6 months. Alongside the up-to-date results, each partner also presented their proposed action plan for the coming months. After each action presentation, a discussion was opened among all the participants to evaluate and propose guidelines for next steps.

Main results for this semester are the release of deliverable B1.1: “Report on the pre-industrial applications and characterization of DWOR and alternatives” and the addition of three new alternative Durable Water and Oil Repellent (DWOR) products to be studied during the project, the internal publication of deliverable C3.1 “Preliminary report on cost-efficiency methodology and system defined”, the progress on the environmental impact model development and the layout description of the web tool.

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MIDWOR-LIFE was present at ICCE 2017

From June 18th to June 22nd ICCE 2017 conference took place in Oslo, Norway.

ICCE is the International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment which provides a unique information and communication platform for environmental scientists and a forum of professional exchange with collaborators and colleagues from related disciplines.

A MIDWOR introduction and description of the commercial alternatives of using perfluorinated chemicals containing chains of 7 or 8 perfluorinated carbons in textiles was presented by Àngels Rovira, researcher from LEITAT, on the Sustainable Environmental Chemistry session of the conference.