MIDWOR-LIFE Layman’s Report published!

MIDWOR-LIFE project announces the publication of the Layman’s report in all project languages.

English version.

Spanish version.

Italian version.

Czech version.

Catalan version.

The aim of this document is to provide a general and brief overview of the project and its outcomes to the general public. It was designed according to LIFE programme rules to facilitate the reading by non-experts in the field.



The MIDWOR-LIFE web tool is online

The MIDWOR-LIFE team recently launched the project web tool to compare and assess DWOR alternatives within the textile industry.

The tool provides access to technical and environmental results, obtained during the project to help European SMEs in the textile sector to assess the different alternatives.

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Draft reports published on risk assessment and life cycle assessment

The MIDWOR-LIFE consortium has been working during the past 3 years on identifying and assessing the different alternatives for water and oil repellents for substitution. Now we release the draft reports for the key activities that will be presented in the workshop titled: “Substitution of PFCs from Durable Water and oil repellents used in the textile finishing industry”.
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On April 17th, a major milestone of the MIDWOR-LIFE project was achieved with the last industrial demonstration of alternative DWORs at Nanomembrane manufacturing plant in Czech Republic.

A total of six textile manufacturers have collaborated with the MIDWOR-LIFE project on the industrial validation of safer and environmental friendlier DWOR products: Hidrocolor and E.CIMA from  Spain, Nanomembrane and Innotex from Czech Republic and Biella Manifatture Tessili and Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 from Italy.

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Deliverable of Action B1

The objective of Action B1 is to perform the application and characterization of selected DWORs on the selected fabrics. The first phase of this Action, the application at pre-industrial scale, has finished and presents a report with the finding of the tests of 2 conventional DWOR and 9 alternatives for 5 different applications; sportswear, automotive, fashion, workwear, and upholstery.

The characterization has been done through the following tests:

  • Drop test
  • Hydrophobicity test
  • Oleophobicity (EN ISO 14419)
  • Water repellency – spray test (AATCC Test Method 22)

The complete report can be downloaded here.


Deliverable of Action A2

The objective of Action A2 was to carry out a pre-screening of the functionality and environmental impact of the selected DWORs.

As a result of this actions a report on the state of the art of the technical and environmental data has been produced. The report studies the technical performance of the chemicals according to AATCC test methods for oil repellency and water repellency. To study the environmental data the selected DWOR products where separated in three groups: conventional DWOR based on long-chain fluorocarbon (C8) and then the alternatives based in C6 chemistry, finally a group of products which are not fluorinated.

The complete report can be downloaded here.


First deliverables of Action A

First deliverables of Action A have been completed. Within the preparatory actions phase, MIDWOR-LIFE project had the task of making a selection of the most representative textile materials and finishing technologies.

Two tasks were carried out in parallel to accomplish the objective of this actions:

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