Draft reports published on risk assessment and life cycle assessment

The MIDWOR-LIFE consortium has been working during the past 3 years on identifying and assessing the different alternatives for water and oil repellents for substitution. Now we release the draft reports for the key activities that will be presented in the workshop titled: “Substitution of PFCs from Durable Water and oil repellents used in the textile finishing industry”.

Today, we published the following draft reports:

Draft Deliverable B2 – Risk assessment of Durable Water and Oil Repellents in textile finishing process

Draft Deliverable B3 -Comprehensive analysis of the environmental impact of the best available technologies

Besides, a technical report on the technical performance from the industrial demonstration was publsihed recently, it is available here: Deliverable B1.2 – Report on the industrial applications and characterization of DWOR and alternatives

Currently, the most used Durable Water and Oil Repellents (or DWORs) are made of per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds (PFCs/PFAS) based on C6 chemistry after the inclusion of C8 chemistries (PFOA/PFOS) in ECHA’s restriction list (Annex XVII of REACH). Currently, some Member State authorities have initiated the process for the inclusion of C6 perfluorinated chemistries into the restriction list as well making the search for sustainable and high-performance products a must.

In the workshop, we will also open a debate with relevant stakeholders on the implementation of chemical substitution policies in the textile industry focusing on the alternatives for Durable Water and Oil Repellents (DWORs) in textile finishing processes.

Additionally, the event will have invited talks from the European Commission, EURATEX and other new related projects that are starting from across Europe.

The event will be held in Brussels on June 5th 2018, venue: NH Carrefour de l’Europe (directions).

The agenda is available here.

The event is free of charge.
Participants will need to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Registration :

Registration for the workshop is still possible, but only a few seats are remaining! Act now and register for the workshop here.

Capacity is limited and registration will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.


If you need more information, contact us at info@midwor-life.eu

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