EAB member Mauro Scalia (EURATEX) article in ECHA’s November newsletter

Now’s the time for wise substitution

Chemical Substitution is a hot topic in Europa as the 2018 registration deadline, part of the REACH process managed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is closer and chemicals which are not registered will no be able to be supplied legally in the EU market.

Mr. Mauro Scalia, Manager of Sustainable Businesses of EURATEX and member of MIDWOR-LIFE External Advisory Board shares his perspective and the substitution process driven by the implementation of REACH and the proposal to ban some chemical substances such as PFOA and how this rises new challenges in the innovation field.

This process is not simple task and requires collaboration between RD+i actors and funds to undertake the studies, Mr Scalia explains in the article: “We are aware of research and innovation projects taking place all over Europe to assess pentadecafluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) (CAS 335-67-1) substitutions for different applications which involve SMEs and universities. Some of them benefit from EU programmes for research and innovation, like LIFE+ or Horizon 2020. This illustrates the complexity, but also shows good examples of how regulatory developments and collaborative research are part of the same goal”.

To read the complete article visit: https://newsletter.echa.europa.eu/home/-/newsletter/entry/now-s-the-time-for-wise-substitution

Feature photo taken from ECHA Newsletter Portal