First deliverables of Action A

First deliverables of Action A have been completed. Within the preparatory actions phase, MIDWOR-LIFE project had the task of making a selection of the most representative textile materials and finishing technologies.

Two tasks were carried out in parallel to accomplish the objective of this actions:

1- Survey on textile companies: AEI TÈXTILS, CLUTEX and POINTEX carried out a survey within the textile industry in their regions with the aim of helping identify which are the fabrics and finishing products that are used at industry level.

2 – Selection of textile materials and finishing technologies: An in-depth research was conducted to determine the most relevant fabrics, current DWOR products and the most promising alternatives.

This action is very important because it sets the base scenario for the pre-industrial and industrial pilot analysis which will be carried out in the following months in Action B1.

The deliverable briefs can be downloaded here:

Deliverable A1.1: Selection of textile materials and finishing technologies

Deliverable A1.2: Survey on textile companies