MIDWOR-LIFE starts the industrial validation of safer and environmentally friendlier DWOR products

On October 4th, a major milestone of the MIDWOR-LIFE project was achieved with the first industrial demonstration of alternative DWORs at Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 (TF2000) manufacturing plant in Italy. TF2000 is one of the 6 textile finishing companies that collaborate with the MIDWOR-LIFE project on the industrial validation of safer and environmentally friendlier DWOR products.

The industrial demonstration was organized with TF2000 by the Italian technical textiles’ cluster CS-POINTEX. Experts from LEITAT (responsible of the technical characterization of the fabrics treated with DWORs and of the Environmental, Risk and Safety assessments) and experts from CETIM (responsible for Life Cycle Assessment of DWORs use in the textile industry) participated in the trials.

During the industrial-scale application of the selected DWORs onto the fabrics by several finishing processes, MIDWOR-LIFE consortium will obtain the subsequent technical performance, environmental analysis, risks and Life Cycle assessments for the resulting treated fabrics.

During the coming months, the industrial validation of alternative DWORs will continue at 5 additional industrial facilities across Europe: 2 in Spain, 2 in Czech Republic and another one in Italy. The validation will include a benchmark of alternative DWORs against current products to provide strong evidence of their technical feasibility and their safer and environmentally friendlier assessments.

Video of the industrial application:


Pictures of the demonstration: