Informing the textile industry through Workshops

Following the awareness raising goal of MIDWOR-LIFE project, several workshops have been organized in the past month to present the results achieved by the project towards the substitution of perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals.

During last month a total of 3 workshops have been held, 2 in Spain and 1 in Italy to discuss and debate the technical progress and the preliminary results on the environmental impact and risk assessment.

On April 19th, a technical workshop was organized by AEI TÈXTILS in Ponts, Spain, to present the recent deliverable B1.2 with the technical comparison of the different alternatives tested in the project. This workshop was organized in Egarfil production plant who is a member of the cluster and had an attendance of 18 people representing 9 SMEs and 2 research centers.

On May 9th, a workshop presenting the summary of the results until April was held in Biella organized by CS-POINTEX with an attendance of  28 people.

Lastly, on May 22nd a workshop was organized also by AEI TÈXTILS in Terrassa within LEITAT technological Center focusing the outputs of the project toward eco-designing new products with reduced environmental impact. During this workshop, the participants had the opportunity to learn from the latest results on the environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) results.

The next event focused on awareness raising will be the MIDWOR-LIFE final event on June 5th in Brussels titled: “Substitution of PFAs in the textile finishing industry”.  The major outputs of the MIDWOR-LIFE project will be presented and there will be the opportunity to network stakeholders and project coordinators.

Capacity for this event is limited and registration required. There are still a few seats available. Register now here