The laboratory tests of alternative DWORs @ LEITAT are almost finished

The first part of Action B1 consists of performing the application of the selected conventional and alternative DWOR products on the selected fabrics.

This application is done through the padding technique in the facilities of LEITAT Technological Center in Terrassa, Spain. Several trials are conducted adjusting several process parameters and concentrations of the DWOR products. After the padding process the fabrics are passed through the rolls of the machine to eliminate excess and to make the aqueous solution go into the fabric structure. The next step consist of drying and curing the fabric, this will evaporate the water and fix the repellent product in the fibres of the textile.

This process has been repeated for the different DWOR products in combination with the fabrics depending on the specific end-application they will have: home textiles, outdoor textiles, etc.

After the workshop in Biella, where POINTEX presented the project to several companies of their region, LEITAT adjusted these trials to incorporate some of the petitions of the industry. This result will be presented in the next Deliverable of the project scheduled for the end of March.

Photo: Researcher (J. Mota) working on the MIDWOR-LIFE pre-industrial demostration of DWOR material processing at LEITAT facilities.