MIDWOR-LIFE project presented at the 1st Life Cycle Innovation Conference in Berlin

During August 29th to 31st, CETIM presented the LCA results conducted within MIDWOR-LIFE project at the “1st Life Cycle Innovation Conference” organized by FSLCI (Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation).

More than 150 people participated in the congress held in Berlin coming from research centers, universities and companies from the environmental assessment sector.

The congress focused on the discussion of advances in LCA within different aspects to thrive towards circular economy approaches and more sustainable processes where traditional waste streams can become feed for other activities and processes. The congress keynote speaker was Dr. Hugo-Maria Schally head of unit for “Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption” in the Directorate for “Circular Economy and Green Growth” of DG Environment of the European Commission.

Several case studies were presented including Life Cycle Cost assessment (LCC) and social life cycles (S-LCA).

More info: https://fslci.org/lcic2018/