Workshop “Environmental sustainability challenges in the technical textile sector”

AEI TEXTIL organized a workshop on the 21st of June on the topic “Environmental sustainability challenges in the technical textile sector”. Representatives of 25 SMEs and over 30 attendees gathered together at the Textile Museum of Terrassa (CDMT).

The workshop evolved around three main objetives:

  • Presentation of the Catalan technical textile cluster “AEI Textiles”.
  • “Who-is-who” session: 16 companies presented their history, culture and innovation strategy to stay competitive.
  • Presentation of LIFE+ Programme and the MIDWOR-LIFE project as an example of collaboration between Clusters, SMEs and Research Centers to study a problem that affects environmental sustainability all around the globe.
  • Workshop to detect environmental needs and issues to ignite actions that will benefit the technical textiles sector as a whole.
  • Networking lunch.