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MIDWOR-LIFE final event in Brussels

  Final event

On June 5th, the final event of MIDWOR-LIFE gathered 36 stakeholders from 10 European countries in the field of substitution of per- and poly-fluorinated substances in the textile industry, in Brussels with broad high profile representation including the European Commission, textile industry representatives, chemical producers and research centers across Europe.

The event gathered participants from the chemical industry, textile associations, testing laboratories and research institutes. The aims of the event were to present key findings form the MIDWOR-LIFE project as a case study aimed to find sustainable alternatives to DWORs containing PFOS, PFOA and other PFCs.

Invited speakers included European Commission and EURATEX in addition to several related projects: POPFREE and SUPFES, LIFE-AskReach, LIFE-Fit for REACH and LIFE-FLAREX.


Layman's Report - an overview of MIDWOR-LIFE project

Layman report 

The Layman's Report contains an overview of the different actions of the MIDWOR-LIFE project and it is directed to broad audience. Thus, it has less technicalities and it focuses on the key conclusions of the project. 


Results of the industrial demonstration and characterization


On April 17th, a major milestone of the MIDWOR-LIFE project was achieved with the last industrial demonstration of alternative DWORs at Nanomembrane manufacturing plant in Czech Republic.

A total of six textile manufacturers have collaborated with the MIDWOR-LIFE project on the industrial validation of safer and environmental friendlier DWOR products: Hidrocolor and E.CIMA from  Spain, Nanomembrane and Innotex from Czech Republic and Biella Manifatture Tessili and Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 from Italy.

During the industrial-scale application of the selected DWORs onto the fabrics by several finishing companies, MIDWOR-LIFE consortium has collected the data for technical performance, environmental analysis, risk and Life Cycle assessments for the resulting treated fabrics.

As a result, the MIDWOR-LIFE project has just published a report on the technical comparison between the conventional and alternative DWORs: Report on the industrial applications and characterization of DWOR and alternatives.


The MIDWOR-LIFE web tool is online

  webtool example

The MIDWOR-LIFE team recently launched the project web tool to compare and assess DWOR alternatives within the textile industry.

The tool provides access to technical and environmental results, obtained during the project to help European SMEs in the textile sector to assess the different alternatives.

Some key features the tool provides in relation to the mitigation of environmental impact are: carbon footprint, water depletion, resource depletion of current DWOR and also their effects on toxicity: human and freshwater eco-toxicity.

The tool can be accessed through the main menu under “About MIDWOR-LIFE” and via the following link.


OECD Call for data on PFASs and alternatives


The OECD is aiming to collect data for a new report on PFASs and Alternatives - Commercial Availability and Current Uses (access the Terms of Reference of the future report).

A questionnaire is available (in Word or Excel) to provide information on current uses of alternatives to PFASs specifically on the three following sectors:

  • Textile and shoes: covering apparel and outerwear, workwear (worker protection, uniforms), and other textiles. Shoes include casual and protective shoes;
  • Firefighting foam; and
  • Food packaging: including paper and paperboard

Industry (chemical manufacturers and downstream users), public authorities, NGOs and academia are invited to fill-in this questionnaire.

Please note that the deadline for response is Tuesday 31 July. 

Image: OECD


Draft reports form LCA and Risk assessment available!


The MIDWOR-LIFE consortium has been working during the past 3 years on identifying and assessing the different alternatives for water and oil repellents for substitution. Now we release the draft reports for the key activities that will be presented in the workshop titled: “Substitution of PFCs from Durable Water and oil repellents used in the textile finishing industry”.

The following draft reports are published:

Draft Deliverable B2 – Risk assessment of Durable Water and Oil Repellents in textile finishing process

Draft Deliverable B3 -Comprehensive analysis of the environmental impact of the best available technologies

In the coming month, the final versions will be updated. 

Stay tuned for updates!


MIDWOR-LIFE is co-funded by the European Union under the LIFE Financial Instrument within the axe Environment Policy and Governance and under the Grant Agreement n. LIFE14 ENV/ES/000670.


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